Our FORCE class weekend is full of energy, diversity, and passion for DANCE! Our classes provide dancers with numerous styles including Contemporary, Hip Hop, Contemporary Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary Ballet, Jazz, and Jazz Funk. Our youngest dancers, The Hot Shots, will have a variety of classes as well and also get a time to shine onstage in our Closing Show on Sunday. We also include our PARENTS of dancers in our weekends with a super fun Parent’s Hip Hop class that is open to all parents!
Our Faculty truly cares about the students in the classroom and instills their knowledge and love for their craft in their teaching in a caring and approachable way. At Force, we are truly a family who loves what we do, and we feel studio owners, dancers, and teachers will head back into their home studios with invigorating life memories of what FORCE Dance Tour has shared with them during our weekend.

Our ages listed below are suggested for each level. A teacher may place the student where they feel the student is best fitted for the weekend. Please remember all workshop and scholarship ages are as of January 1, 2024. If you are requesting a class level adjustment, please let us know after the first class and note the difference in price for a higher level. Convention classes may be added or combined depending on attendance.


*To qualify, teacher must be listed on studio website


$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


* Includes one observer band
$10 Late fee applied after deadline.



If you attend more than one is there a discount?

Dancers attending more than one 2022 regional workshop will receive a 25% workshop fee discount for each additional city.

Do Teachers receive a discount?

  • Bring 5-20 students 1 Teacher attends free
  • Bring 21-39 students 2 Teachers attend free
  • Bring 40-59 students 3 Teachers attend free
  • Bring 60+ students 4 Teachers attend free
  • College students with valid college ID can register the day of the event (providing valid ID) for $200 for a 2 day workshop in the Teen/Sr. room.

Studio owners will receive confirmation of registration once complete. This confirmation will also include check in information for that city along with other necessary information for that FORCE weekend.

What Payment forms do you accept?

Payments may be made online or mailed to: Force Dance Tour, P.O. Box 850155, Mobile, AL 36685. One check must be submitted for all fees due payable to FORCE DANCE TOUR.Returned checks will incur a $35 fee.

Is there a Liabilty Waiver?

All dancers registered for FORCE must sign the studio registration waiver for participation.Attendees and participants will not hold FORCE DANCE TOUR responsible for any losses of personal items or injuries incurred at our event.

Is there an Early Bird Discount?

Early Tuition Fees apply to all registrations postmarked 30 days prior to the first day of the event. If fees are not paid in full 30 days prior, early fees will not be applied. See your city page for exact registration deadlines.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on workshop fees or competition fees.

Do participants have to attend with a studio?

Dancers who are not registered with a studio may register for the workshop.

Can I participate in the Workshop without competing?

Dancers may register for our FORCE workshop classes without entering the competition. Please note, dancers who desire to compete, however, must be registered for the workshop.

How do I redeem a scholarship?

Scholarship winners should submit a copy of their scholarship with payment for workshop.

Can I register the day of the event?

Any registrations paid the day of event will be paid in cash or via credit card. Cashier’s check or money orders are also accepted. We will not accept regular checks at this time.

*Registered Studio Owners and Teachers (With teacher band) may take classes in any room during our weekend and may observe any class or audition.

Approximately 10 days prior to our Force Dance Tour event in your city, you will be emailed all info including your workshop and competition schedule for our weekend. Should you have any questions on anything pertaining to our dance weekend, we are here to help you with anything you may need. Simply email us at  or call 251-930-1857.

On the day of our event, you will see our registration table for your studio packet including your student bands, teacher bands, and any pre order observer bands along with audition info for our scholarship auditions that weekend. At this time you will receive any updated schedules along with a competition program for you and your registered teachers. Wristbands are not required until Saturday morning, in the event of added Friday evening classes.


We look forward to meeting all of you here and hearing your feedback on how you have enjoyed your weekend and what you would like to see us possibly add to our event.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

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