3 minute max
$20 Late fee applied after deadline.


3 minute max
$75per person
$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


3 minute max
$60per person
$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


3 minute max
$55per person
$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


4 minute max
$55per person
$10 Late fee applied after deadline.


6 minute max
$55per person
$10 Late fee applied after deadline.
  • In order to compete, dancers must be registered for the entire workshop in the city where competing.
  • Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. We strictly enforce time limits on routines entered at Force Dance Tour.
  • If you need to purchase additional minutes, You may purchase up to 2 additional minutes of time for any Group, Line, Extended Line or Production for just $5 per dancer, per additional minute.
  • Solos are allowed without participation in a group number but must registered under your home studio.
JAZZ: Primarily jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music.
BALLET: Primarily ballet or pointe technique, including classical steps and movements.
HIP-HOP: Primarily hip-hop technique.
TAP: Primarily tap technique. Routines demonstrating clogging technique and style may not compete in the tap category. Recorded tap sounds are not permitted.
CONTEMPORARY: A blend of modern and ballet technique.
LYRICAL: A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music incorporating emotional and storytelling elements.
MUSICAL THEATRE: Any routine interpreting a song from a Broadway or Movie Musical.
OPEN: A blend of styles. Also includes character, song and dance etc.
*Judges reserve the right to change the performance division of a number if they feel it is incorrectly placed. Please also make sure routines are family friendly and age appropriate.
  • We arrive at our age divisions by averaging the age of the dancers in each routine. To determine the average age of the routine, add all ages together and divide by the number of dancers in the routine. When averaging ages, always drop the decimal point to determine FORCE competition age.
  • Names and ages of all competing dancers must appear on the online application/entry form or the routine may not be competed.
  • The average age of each entry cannot drop more than one (1) age division below the age of the oldest dancer in the entry. (For example: a routine contains dancers aging from 16-19. The entry may not compete younger than the Teen Division (one division younger than the oldest dancer-19).
  • Routines with a dancer 20 years of age or older must compete in the Pro Am Division (20+), regardless of the average age of the entry.
  • Teachers may not compete in any age category other than Pro Am.
  • You may enter a routine in an age category higher than the average age.
  • All competing dancers must be prepared to present proof of age if needed.
Hot shots
Mini Division
Junior Division
Teen Division
Senior Division
Pro Am Division


All entries will be adjudicated by 3 distinguished judges. If a larger city requires a fourth judge, the lowest score of the four judges will be omitted. Please be sure your studio presents family friendly and age appropriate routines. Should a judge find a routine not meeting these criteria, the routine will result in a deduction of point value.
Force Dance Tour Adjudicated Awards:
  • FULL FORCE 291-300
  • PLATINUM 276-290
  • HIGH GOLD 261-275
  • GOLD 246-260
  • HIGH SILVER 231-245
  • SILVER 216-230


In addition to the adjudicated awards, a competitive 1st-10th place award will be given to the highest scoring Solo. A competitive 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award will also be given to the highest scoring Duo/Trio, Group, Line, Extended Line and Production, in each of the 7-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19+ age categories.
A 1st Place Award will also be given to the highest scoring Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop and Specialty number in the Mini, Junior division, Teen and Senior divisions.


The Impact Award
Our judging staff will choose select routines to receive the Impact Award. Those with this distinguished honor will dance in our Finale Show. Many factors go into the decision of the winners of these awards and are not necessarily the highest score in that age division. Winners will also receive a $125 award.
The Full Force Award
Our judging panel will select one routine from each studio that they feel best represents that studio’s work as performed at our FORCE Dance Tour weekend. To be eligible, studios must have at least 8 groups entered at our event that weekend.
The Visionary Award
Force Dance Tour recognizes the studio director that we feel most brings diversity into their studio’s competition choreography and routine performances. It is vital to train our dancers in many areas to present diverse dancers for our industry and Force Dance Tour hopes to be instrumental in the appreciation of this vision.
Scores, Critiques, and Picking up Awards
Scores and Critiques will be uploaded by 12pm Tuesday. Awards with monetary value will only be distributed to a studio owner or studio teacher. Parents or students are not allowed to pick up these type of awards.

*Early rates expire 30 days prior to the event. $20 late charge will be applied to convention and competition fees that are less than 30 days until the event.


•    Hazardous props may not be used during the competition.
•    Please make sure props are not too large in size and will fit on our stage. Our stage is approximately 40X30.
•    Studios have a maximum of 2 minutes to set up a prop and remove props off the stage. Deductions will be taken for set ups exceeding this time frame. Also, FORCE employees cannot participate in loading in or loading out props onstage or to and from venue.  Email us ahead of time if you have large props and we can go over load in areas etc. for that city’s venue.


Our Finale show will be on Sunday. We will feature our Impact award winners in our closing show. Studio owners can see our desk on Sunday morning for the line-up of Impact dances.  Final scholarships will be presented along with our other special Force Dance Tour Awards.


There is no video or photography allowed during classes or competition.  Not following this rule can result in studio/student disqualification.  Pictures are allowed after classes with teachers as time permits.  Photography after the awards session is allowed on stage.


•    Registration may be completed either online or by mail. To register click here.
•    Checks should be made payable to FORCE Dance Tour. Please send ONE check for all fees (workshop fees and competition fees can be included in one check).
•    All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.
•    When we reach capacity, we  will no longer accept Competition registrations.
•    All attendees authorize the use of their images in photos and video for any video or photo publications presented by FORCE
•    No foreign checks accepted. Bank money orders must be payable in US Funds only.
•    All competition fees are per person, per entry.
•    Dancers may compete under one studio only at FORCE Dance Tour events.
•    All mailed competition entries must be postmarked 30 days prior to the convention.
•    The deadline for competition changes is two (2) weeks prior to the event. No changes will be accepted after this date.
•    Dancers must be ready 45 minutes ahead of scheduled performance time as often our events run early and we will not hold a competition for a missing dancer.
•    In some cities, Friday competition may be held.
•    Entries will perform in the order that is presented in scheduling. Any intentional manipulation of show order may result in disqualification of that studio.
•    An official entry form (photocopies are acceptable) must be filled out for each routine entered.
•    Dancers and routines may compete in more than one city. See our discount for attending a second city with FORCE Dance Tour.
•    Teachers may not coach dancers during the competition.
•    Stage Dimensions are 40’x30′
•    Doors will open 15 minutes prior to competition start time. Admission is free. The front rows are reserved for studio owners, choreographers, and teachers.
•    Attendees and participants will not hold FORCE DANCE TOUR responsible for any losses of personal items or injuries incurred at our event.
•    Solos are allowed without participation in a group number but must be solos must be registered under your home studio.
•   Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior rooms may be combined in some cities.

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